What is Vinyl Printing

What is Vinyl PrintingThe last heat transfer printing method is vinyl printing. Vinyl printing can be defined as a process which happens when a special sheet, namely polyurethane (Pu) vinyl is designed, cut and then heated onto the chosen garment.

Normally, you can only use one colour vinyl at a time. To make sure you’re getting the great a outcome, we advise you to choose dark coloured garments. Vinyl printing is best to use using the vector format. You can use a design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for this task.

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Once you have done designing the artwork. It is now time to cut the design.  Using vinyl cutter helps you to cut the designs more accurately. The function of a vinyl cutter is similar to a normal printer only it is using a blade instead of inks. Once the vinyl design is removed from cutter, it’s ready to be heated.

Next is to transfer the design onto the garment. In this process, you’re required to use the Heat Press Machine. The temperature setting is about 160°C. However, this setting is not applied to every product.  As you know, not every materials have the same sets of temperature setting. This situation also applies to the type of vinyl that you choose.

The process continues by placing the garment on the heat press base plate. After that, place the design on top of the garment appropriately. It will take approximately 10-15 seconds to heat. Once the heating process is done, you can remove the backing film from the garment’s end the entire vinyl printing process.

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