What is Transfer Printing

What-is-Transfer-PrintingAccording to Wikipedia, Transfer Printing is a method of decorating enamels or ceramics using an engraved copper or steel plate from which a monochrome print on paper is taken which is then transferred by pressing onto the ceramic piece.

In the gift industries, transfer printing is one of the methods used in heat transfer printing. Transfer printing is the term used in one of the printing processes where the design is first printed on a special paper called transfer paper and later transferred to a suitable material in a separate process.

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The transfer printing process uses pigment inks & transfer papers to transfer the digital image on the gift products. It can be applied on all kinds of materials, including the polyester & cotton. In the other words, transfer printing gives you an option either to decorate cotton fabricas or ‘ordinary’ uncoated products.


There are two types of transfer paper in transfer printing namely the dark based transfer paper and the light based transfer paper. It is important to know how to differentiate between dark-based transfer paper and light-based transfer paper.

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