What is Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing can also be referred to as paper printing or heat transfer printing. Sublimation printing is one of the methods used to print high quality digital images on a huge variety of personalised gifts such as dryfit, microfiber, jersey, polyester, quick dry T-Shirts and along with coated surface materials such as coated mugs, coated plates etc.

Using this method, it enables transferring an image into a substrate where it moves from solid and transforms into a gas. Sublimation printing uses sublimation inks & sublimation papers in the printing process.

Normally in sublimation printing, you will use a digital printer in order to print a mirrored image on the sublimation paper. It transfers sublimation inks on the fabrics through high temperature & pressure in 1 minute.

Sublimation Process

The image above shows sublimation process. Next, you need to know the type of gift products you can make using the sublimation process. Click button below NOW!!!

More About The Type of Product in Sublimation Printing