What Are Heat Presses


Before we proceed, let’s see the definition of the heat press. Basically, Heat Press Machine is used to imprint a design on a blank coated product using heat and pressure for a specific period of time. It uses special paper namely sublimation/transfer paper and special inks such as sublimation, pigment inks along the heating process.

There are 3 types of heat presses in the market i.e. manual, semi-auto and automatic machine.

  • The manual heat presses are more to traditional design. This machine is suitable if you are technical literate. This is because, you need to know how to balance the temperature and the heat pressure.
  • While for semi-auto and automatic heat press machines, most of it comes with a digital timer. This is more convenient and user friendly especially for newbies. The production quality are better and the level of reject items is lower compared to manual.

There are many types of heat presses that can produce different gift products. Here are some of the examples:

Technical Specification - Mug Press Machine

  • Mug Press Machine: Create beautiful, full-colour imprints on standard 6oz, 11oz and cone mugs of latte 12oz and 17oz etc. It takes 190 seconds to print your pictures on coated ceramic, porcelain or polymer mugs.

Technical Specification - Cap Press Machine

  • Cap Press Machine: Ideal machine for heat applying designs on caps with fast-heating head, strong support base, simple operation and easy cap mounting clamp.

Technical Specification - Flat Press Machine

  • Flat Heat Press Machine: Transfers your A4-sized graphic images to T-shirts, pillow cushions, jigsaw puzzles, phone cases, and any materials with flat surface.

There are a lot of information regarding heat press machines that you can find on our websites or any other articles on the internet.

There were another one heat press machine name Combo Heat Press Machine. Click here to learn more about Combo Heat Press Machine.

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