Used Heat Press Buying Tips to Help You Find the Best Available Option

To start your DIY gift printing business using the Heat Transfer Printing technology, you need to own at least one Heat Press Machine. We understand, it is quite complex to find the best Heat Press Machine in the market. This is because there are many different types, sizes and functions of Heat Press Machines to choose for your business.

For some of us, doing gift business is just for fun or as hobby. In this case, it is better for you to choose used heat press since buying a new Heat Press Machine might be risky.

For this reason, we will share some tips on how to find beneficial used Heat Press Machine.Buy Heat Press MachineThe first thing you need to write on the list is with whom will you buy the machine. The seller must know what they are selling and should be willing to provide honest information about the machines to you. Sellers also must be willing to answer all your machine related questions accurately. The best action is by taking a look at the physical machine before you decide to buy it. If possible, request to check the condition of the machine.

Second on the list is to consider the size of the machine before you decide to purchase it. It’s understandable the bigger the size of machine, the larger volume of order you can do. For instance the Heat Press Machine with the bigger size can print on plus size t-shirts, jerseys and many more larger garments.  However, this will only happen if your budget allows you to.

The third tip is to go for a well-known brand. There is one reason to support this statement. Most well-know brands are long lasting and guaranteed the quality, so although you have purchased a 2nd hand machine, it should still be in a good condition.

Heat Press Machine - ask questionNext, you need to ask appropriate questions to the seller. For instance:

  1. Is the timer digital, manual, automatic or semi-auto?
  2. What kind of sound does the machine supposed to make?
  3. What is the temperature and pressure settings etc.?
  4. Most essential, ask about the machine’s warranty and what the warranty covers. Some only covers the physical machine and some might cover everything including the small components in the machine.

Finally, another thing you need to add on your list is to make a lots of surveys.  As mentioned earlier there are many difference types, sizes and functions of the Heat Press Machine in the market.

Make sure you have basic knowledge about heat presses before buying a used heat press and make sure every conversation is recorded.

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