Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Heat Press

Heat Press Machine - HEATranzThe most important component in Heat Transfer Printing business is the machine itself. There are many types and sizes of Heat Press Machines with different functions in the market. So which one should you choose?

In this article, we will share with you some ideas on the things you need to consider when looking for heat presses.

1. Automatic or manual?

There are 2 types of heat presses in the market which is automatic and manual. The difference between them are their functions. An automatic Heat Press Machine is using air pressure to generate pressure. The air pressure is controlled in pounds per square inch. To make things easier, the automation Heat Press Machine have a view-able pressure gauge.

If you’re choosing a manual Heat Press Machine, you need to know how to adjust the pressure to either firm, medium or light. However, it is more advisable for you to choose an automatic or semi-auto heat presses for your business.

2. How much to produce?

The answer for this questions is related with the size of your business or the quantity of order you receive. These factors plays a big role on choosing which heat presses are the most suitable for your needs. For beginners, it’s advisable for you to make 1 or 2 product samples first and display it to capture prospect attention.

The bigger your business, the bigger the size of the Heat Press Machine that you will need. However, if you need to produce large amount of gift products you can purchase more than one Heat Press Machine.

Remember, buying Heat Press Machine is just the beginning. Once you have already purchased the heat presses, you need to ensure that the machines are operating consistently and also need to take care of the maintenance.

3. Who will using it?
Heat Press Machine Normally people who are involved in this business are more comfortable in handling the machines by themselves. But there are also some of them who own the business, but choose to employ workers to operate the machines.

It doesn’t matter who will be handling the machines, whether it’s you or your employee , the most important part is for you to have the basic knowledge about this machine. Although most Heat Press Machines are user friendly, but having basic technical knowledge can be a great advantage. Not every term in the user manual is understandable if you have zero knowledge about this machine.

Another important factor that you will need to consider is financial factor, can you afford to pay for this machine?

If you choose, we can assure you that all our prices are reasonable and match the product qualities.

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