The Gift Product You Can Produce with Mug Press Machine

Sublimation Mugs

In heat transfer printing, you need to use blank coated mugs. Other than that, you also need to use the Silicone Mug Wrap to wrap around the blank mugs and help the heating and transferring process. The Silicon Mug Wrap have built-in heat element. You may find the Silicone Mug Wrap in sizes 6oz , 11oz, 12oz & 17oz (Cone).

From above pictures you can see that using the Mug Press Machine, you can heat several types of blank mugs. The most standard size is 11oz and it is made in the form of ceramic glossy with molded ceramic composite. There are other types of blank mugs you can choose for heat transfer printing such as money bank, glass mugs, beer mugs, magic mugs etc.

Polymer mugs are also suitable for heat transfer printing. These type of mugs are great for outdoors activity. This is why, polymer mugs have higher sale potential in the corporate market. Most company choose photo mugs for promotional gift-away items during outdoor campaign such as Family Day, Sport’s Day, Fund Raising etc.

Now that you know the potential of Mug Printing Business. In the next post, we will guide you on how to use the Mug Press Machine.

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