The Gift Product You Can Produce with Combo Heat Press Machine

Digital Combo Heat Press Machine

In What is Combo Heat Press Machine, we already highlighted to you that a Combo Heat Press Machine can produce more than 200 varieties of personalised gift products.

To explain further, here are some of the personalised gift products that you can create using the Digital Combo Heat Press Machine.

Sublimation Mugs & Plates

To print onto sublimation mugs, you need a Mug Press Attachment and Silicone Mug Wrap. The Mug Press Attachment is lightweight and portable. This machine is suitable if you want to open a booth in the malls, flea markets and trade shows. The Mug Press Attachment can be attached to the main machine.

Silicone Mug Wrap on the other hand comes with built-in heating element. You can used it for the blank mug size for 6oz , 11oz, 12oz & 17oz (Cone).

If you want to print a design on ceramic or metal plate, you have to change to silicon plate mat. The silicon plate mat is also comes with built-in heating element and the suitable size is for 8 inch and 10 inch plates 220V and 110V.


You can start a DIY Gift Printing Business and make many other personalised gift products using the Combo Heat Press Machine.  For your acknowledgment, the standard size of Heating Platen Board is 38cm X 30cm.

If you want to make smaller sizes gift products such as  keychains, name card holders, photo rocks etc. you can use the Heating Platen Board with the smaller size (12cm x 12cm).

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If you can see, there are many types of gift products you may produce using 1 machine. However, you must know how to choose the size and type of additional attachment  before proceed the heating. For instance heating platen board (12cm x 12cm) is not suitable to print A4 size design on the blank T-shirt.

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