Four Questions on How to Work a Heat Press

Working with Heat Press Machine is not as tough as the rumours say. Although at first you may struggle to start but not to worry, as you move on, it will become easier.

What you need to do before start working with Heat Press Machine is by making a list on what you should know about heat press. In this article, we’ve helped to compile the 4 most popular questions people keep asking about the Heat Press Machine.power-heat-press 1. How much power the machine needed?

First of all, you need to understand that there are variety types and sizes of the heat press. These machines does not have same attribute.

However, if you look closely, you may find that majority of the heat presses are using standard power in the range of 120 volt to 220 volt.

2. How to measure the proper heat?

There is no doubt that the heating process is the most crucial procedure in Heat Transfer Printing. You need to know the suitable temperature and time that is needed before the heating process starts. In order to determine whether you are on the right track or not, there are 2 ways you can do that:

  • First is by using trial an error onto sample product. Once you get the results that you wanted, you can keep the temperature and time setting for your future references.
  • Secondly is by referring to the user manual. Every heat presses you purchased will include a user manual where it can guide you to use the machine correctly.Heat Press Accessories

3. Does it need separate accessories?

Accessories for heat press is not intended to make the machine look outstanding, but it is to help your outcomes look better. For example, a soft mat is a good example of an accessory that you will need whenever you want to print a ceramic tile.

This is because, soft mats help to prevent the ceramic tile from being cracked or broken due to the high pressure during the process. Other accessories suitable for heat transfer printing are silicon flat mat, teflon sheet and many more.

4. What should I know about pressure?

The final information you need to know about Heat Press Machine is the pressure. Most of heat presses in the market will need you to turn a knob to change the pressure. Another way for you to to let the air pressure in, is by adjusting it.

By doing this, it will help you to get an accurate level of the pressure. When the pressure level is accurate, you can transfer the correct amount of pressure to the graphic. As we mentioned earlier, it is not difficult to understand the usage and the way to use heat presses.

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