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The Heat Transfer Machine can be find either in manual, semi-auto and automatic versions. Each of the machine have different special and unique attributes. Mostly, heat presses have flat platen (this explain why most of the gift product have flat surface) that is use to provide heat and pressure during the transfer process.

The uses of flat presses is to imprint garments and many other item that have flat surfaces such as keychain, puzzle, porcelain plates, wooden plaques and many more. Heat presses also comes into 3 types of design which is clamshell, swing-away, and draw-style-press designs.

Most heat press machinehave additional accessories and it comes with its own functions. Choosing the right accessories is basically depends on what item you want to produce. This is because this accessories helps your heat presses to works better and long lasting.

For instance soft mat If  is important to help you to reduce reject item.  Whenever you print a ceramic tile without soft mat, the ceramic tile is easily broken or crack due to the high pressure needed for heat transfer printing.

voltThe most important part when using heat presses is to make sure you know how to handle and checking the voltage requirements.  In Malaysia, mostly the standard voltage is in the range of 220V and the power is 1,200W.

In general, whenever you purchase any type of machine, you need to take care of the maintenance. Same goes to heat presses.  It is highly advisable for you to clean up your heat presses regularly to avoid the machine to get soiled. Because when your machine dirty (especially on the heathen area), it would affect your printing outcome.

Digital ControllerWhenever you purchase heat press machine, it will come together with one thick book called user manual. Spend time to read it and try to understand what you read before you can implement it on the heat presses. If you purchase used heat presses from online, remind the seller not to forget to provide user manual.

Heat presses will work great if the heating mechanism is working properly. It is important for the heat presses to heat accurately and evenly to get the best results. You must know how to check the heating element if the machine unable to heating up properly.

Other than temperature, you also need to know how to handle the machine pressure. In heat transfer printing, temperature and pressure is the key element for getting the best printing result.  If you’re not technical literate, you should consider to find someone who knows or asking the seller.

In shorts, either for business start-ups, home-based or hobby-oriented heat transfer printing, the heat press machine can help user to generate higher income by create and print variety of gift product.

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