Introduction of T-Shirt Printing Business

Introduction of T-Shirt Printing Business
T-shirt Printing Business is one of the best business start-up in DIY gift industry because it is a low cost & high profit business. 

There are two ways to print onto T-shirt, they are:

  1. Silk Screen Printing
  2. Heat Transfer Printing

In this article, will explain further about t-shirt printing using heat transfer printing.  You must know for heat transfer printing, t-shirt printing can be divided into three categories which are:

  1. Sublimation Printing
  • Dryfit, microfiber, jersey, polyester, quick dry T-Shirt materials
  • Use Heat Press + Inkjet Printer
  1. Transfer Printing
  • Cotton tee of both dark-based & light-based fabric
  • Use Heat Press  + Cutting Plotter+ Inkjet Printer
  1. Vinyl Printing:
  • Vinyl transfer films such as Flock, Glitter, Glow in Dark, PU, Hologram & Reflective materials
  • Use  Heat Press + Cutting Plotter

In heat transfer printing, you can make t-shirt printing using a machine, i.e. Flat Press Machine. This machine is easy to use, cost effective and required from 20 seconds to 2 minutes times to make 1 t-shirt at a time. This method is much easier and time saving compared to the traditional embroidery or silkscreen printing.

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Flat Press Machine can produce more than 100 types of DIY gifts that have a flat surface such as t-shirts, cushions, mouse pad, puzzles and many more.

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