Introduction of Mug Printing Business

Introduction of Mug Printing Business

DIY custom gifts can transform a normal present into something hot, stunning and meaningful such as personalised photo mugs. The feeling of overwhelmed cannot be uttered in words by the receiver. A beautiful memory will always leave a memorable impression in the hearts and memories in festival seasons & special occasions.

Mugs with photos and text printing is a very popular gift either for personal or corporate purposes. This is because photo mugs are used not just as a beverage container but also for other purposes such as stationary bin, or as a decoration in the dining room.

Click here to see some examples of DIY gifts you can make using the Mug Press Machine.

There are many reasons why Mug Printing Business became a popular choice for owners of DIY Gift Printing Business.
This time, we list down 3 main reasons:

  1. This is a type of business that require low investment but will get back high profit in returns.
  2. High opportunities in personal and corporate market.
  3. Portable Business. Does not require large space to locate the machine. Can be considered as home-based business.

personalised photo mug

Other reasons why people choose Mug Printing Business is because the process of making a photo mug is easy.
Click here to watch how to print onto mug using Mug Press Machine

To conclude, Mug Printing Business can help you to maximize profit. However, there are 2 types of Mug Press Machine.
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