Introduction of DIY Gift Printing Business

If you’re still new in DIY Gift Printing Business, you must know that in the gift industry, we can classify DIY gifts into 2 different categories i.e. personalised gifts and corporate gifts.

Personalised Gifts IdeasPersonalised gift are given from one person to another. Usually they will choose their own photos and designs to be imprinted onto the gift products. Personalised Gifts can divided  into three subcategories: –

    1. Occasional Gifts: There are no specific date for occasional gift. It’s for special occasions such as wedding gifts, birth of babies, thanksgiving, graduation’s day etc.
    2. Seasonal Gifts: There is a specific dates and happen regularly. For example birthdays, anniversary celebrations, graduation ceremonies etc.
    3. Commemorative Gifts: Normally will be given on a definite date that regularly occurs. For instance Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, New Years, Christmas etc.

DIY Gift Printing - Corporate Gift Ideas

On the other hand, corporate gifts have a more professional look to them. Before that, you must know that you can use Combo Heat Press Machine to print DIY gifts.

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Usually, they prefer to imprint the gift products with the name of company, logo or slogan. Corporate gifts can be divided into three subcategories.

    1. Seasonal Gifts: Between business enterprises or to commemorate job tenure of promotions. For example the employee’s birthday, company’s anniversary etc.
    2. Sale Promotion Gift: One of the promotional activity. Most company choose promotional gifts to promote sales of merchandise or products. eg. New Product Launching, Trade Shows, Conferences
    3. Marketing Gift: To promote company, corporate image, brand or event. For instance  promotional & advertising gifts, marketing campaigns

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A study has shown that the total size of the gift market in Malaysia encompassing all these categories is estimated at approximately RM 20 BILLION. This figure shows that there are high chances for you to generate high income in this industry. Click button below to know more about DIY Gift Printing Business NOW!!

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