In this first blog post it is necessary that we should explain to you about this website and what we can offer to you. As the name speaks, is a website which focuses on educating readers on ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) business concept, Heat Press Machines and the various techniques of printing using Heat Transfer Printing methods.

If you are new to DIY business concept, allow us to explain it in brief. The name of the concept is rather new but the practice has been around for a very long time. Basically what it is, is a business where you as the owner acts also as the producer of your products. You are not required to become a middle man because all the products that you sell are actually the one that you produce yourself. As an example, a customer orders a personalised picture mug in celebration of his/her anniversary. After receiving the order, you then print the requested designs onto the mug and there you have it, that is what we call the ‘do-it-yourself’ business concept.

DIY Business Concept

Did you know that there are so many different types of heat press machines intended for different uses? That’s right, there are heat press machines to print mugsT-Shirts, and also heat press machines that have multiple uses in just one machine. In this website, we educate you on some of the most popular heat press machines so that you can also learn about the different types of machines and know the best one for your business.

Heat Press Machines

In we offer you three heat transfer printing techniques in particular. They are namely sublimation printingtransfer printing and vinyl printing. Using just one heat press machine you can generate products using these three methods. A heat press machine for your DIY business is such a great invest because it has not limited uses.


As you read through the articles in this website we will assure you that after reading, you may actually consider getting yourself a heat press machine in order to make your DIY concept business more effective. Do not worry, we provide you with the best tips and advice!

Good luck :D