How to Use Mug Press Machine

From our previous post, you can see that The Digital Mug Press Machine is very user friendly. Follow these 5 simple steps below to start!

How to Use Mug Press Machine

Like we mentioned earlier, mug printing is not difficult. The tutorial below is proof on how easy it is to make a photo mug with
Mug Press Machine. Enjoy the show!

How to Print Standard Porcelain Mug (11oz) With Mug Press Machine

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Now you can get DIY promo Mug Printing Business Package from RM 1,xxx including special added value such as technical support, member account registration, user manual, starter kit CD, design templates & video tutorials up to RM 500.00.

To expand your Mug Printing Business, add another RM 1,xxx and you’re entitled the Combo Mug Press Machine. Save time and energy to print 5 pieces of photo mug within 3-4 minutes.

The more personalised photo mug you’re able to make, the higher profit you can achieved. Don’t miss the chances to generate higher income with DIY Mug Printing Business today!

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