How to Use Combo Heat Press Machine

From the post What Is Combo Heat Press Machine, you can see that this machine is suitable not just for starting business, but also for hobby-oriented heat transfer printing.

The Combo Heat Press Machine is very efficient for gift printing business. This machine can help you to save more rather than having a separate machine. There are more than 200 types of DIY personalised gifts you can make using The Combo Heat Press Machine.

The diagram below will show how does the process of making DIY gift using the Digital Combo Heat Press Machine.

HOW TO (Combo)

If you are still unsure on how to use this machine, let us share with you some tutorials about the Combo Heat Press Machine. Click PLAY button NOW!!

How to Print Dryfit Tee & Polyster Fabrics With Combo Heat Press Machine

How to Print Porcelain Plate With Combo Heat Press Machine

Now you can get a DIY promo package for Souvenir & Mug Printing Business using the Digital Combo Heat Press Machine from RM 3,xxx. Other than Combo Heat Press, you will also receive a Mug Press Attachment, Silicon Wraps & Mats, Sublimation Paper, Accessories & Tools. In addition, special added value such as technical support, member account registration, user manual, starter kit CD, design templates & video tutorials up to RM 1,200.

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