One of the greatest benefits of a heat press machine is that it is very versatile and has multiple printing purposes. The heat press machine can print a variety of product from ceramic plates, to key-chains, to T-Shirts and many more that you may never have thought of.

The reason why the heat press machine can print a variety of products is because three different techniques can be applied while using the heat press machine. They are namely sublimation printing, heat transfer printing and vinyl printing. These techniques are very different if compared closely to one another. However, they have one thing in common which all of the three techniques uses heat as a medium to transfer colour on to garments.

What differentiate between the three techniques though are the supporting materials that you need together with your heat press. For sublimation printing and heat transfer printing, the paper and inks used are strictly specific. Sublimation inks are used for sublimation printing and pigment inks are used for heat transfer printing. Inkjet printers especially will help boost the in intensity of the inks. For vinyl printing, special vinyl films are used to be printed on to the garments. Vinyl films can be found in variety of colours and types, for example Glitter, Glow-in-the-dark, Flock, etc.

Below are some of the outcome products that can be produced with a heat press machine.

Example of a T-Shirt that has been heat pressed with vinyl films.

Sport flasks can be heat pressed using the mug heat press.

Ceramic plates that has been heat presses using sublimation printing technique.

You can now have customised glass clocks and door hangers with the help of a heat press machine.