You’ve probably seen a lot of caps out there being used as a promotional item. It definitely is a great way to introduce your company to the public. Not only is it creative, caps are also inexpensive. As you can see here are some famous companies using caps as their advertising item.


Should you be interested in a printing business, then we highly recommend for you to look into cap printing business. There are quite a few techniques to produce printed caps, for example screen printing, heat printing, embroidery and many more. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. The technique that is commonly used is heat printing that is by using a cap heat press machine. A cap press machine can easily transfer digital photo or designs onto a blank cap using heat transfer technique. Not only is the cap heat press machine very simple to operate, it is also complete with a fast-heating property and very easy cap mounting clamp.


Digital Cap Press Machine features:

  1. Full digital temperature control and automatic digital timer
  2. Solid steel welded framework with easy pressure adjustment
  3. Advanced casted aluminium heating board for excellent heat conductivity
  4. Aesthetic appearance with less noise, security and longer lifetime

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