If you’re involved in gift printing business using heat printing technologies.  You should know that heat press machines play an important role in your business. Due to this reason, we always have our clients advised to know and do some research on the type of heat press machines that they require for their business.  In this article, we will share factors you need to consider to purchase a heat press machine.

There are four factors you need to consider when choosing a heat press machine.  The following factors include: types, sizes, timers, and attachments.


→ Types of Heat Presses

There are two main types of heat press machine were available in the market, which is swing-away and clam.

  1. Swing-Away: Top platen with swing-away type of heat press lifts straight up and it also swings to the right.  Most of top platens for swing-away presses can rotate up to 100°.
  2. Clam: Standard clamshell heat press machine has a top platen.  The top platen lifts straight up. The top platen of a clam draw press lifts straight up and the user can then slide the bottom platen out towards the user. If your office has minimum space, we do not recommend for you to choose this type.

→ Size

Always remember the size of machine must be equal to the quantity of your productions. It shouldn’t be too small or too big. If your heat press is too small, your designs may be limited. Whereas if your heat press is too big, it may increase your electricity bill and be a waste.

Size: 38cm x 38cm

Size: 38cm x 38cm

Size: 50cm x 40cm

Size: 50cm x 40cm

→ Analog vs. Digital Timer

Another important factor you need to consider when choosing a heat press machine is if the timer is either analog or digital. Nowadays, most heat press machined use digital timers as it is more accurate and user friendly.

→ Attachments

Not all heat press machines come with a complete set.  Some of the machines required you to add an attachment that can be used to process certain product.  For an instant, the size of attachment used for the shirt and Keychain is different.  It is important for you to choose the correct size attachment for product that you want to produce.