Customising Caps

You’ve probably seen a lot of caps out there being used as a promotional item. It definitely is a great way to introduce your company to the public. Not only is it creative, caps are also inexpensive. As you can see here are some famous companies using caps as their advertising item.


Should you be interested in a printing business, then we highly recommend for you to look into cap printing business. There are quite a few techniques to produce printed caps, for example screen printing, heat printing, embroidery and many more. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. The technique that is commonly used is heat printing that is by using a cap heat press machine. A cap press machine can easily transfer digital photo or designs onto a blank cap using heat transfer technique. Not only is the cap heat press machine very simple to operate, it is also complete with a fast-heating property and very easy cap mounting clamp.


Digital Cap Press Machine features:

  1. Full digital temperature control and automatic digital timer
  2. Solid steel welded framework with easy pressure adjustment
  3. Advanced casted aluminium heating board for excellent heat conductivity
  4. Aesthetic appearance with less noise, security and longer lifetime

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The Basics to Dye-Sublimation Printing

Did you know that dye-sublimation printing is one of the most popular techniques of printing used in the gift printing industry? If you are wondering why, well the answer to that is because dye-sublimation can be applied on many different types of gift or souvenir products plus the amount of colour transfer is beyond amazing. What’s more is that dye-sublimation printing is commonly used by people who are working amongst this gift industry and due to that reason, a lot of its materials and equipment can be easily found at your gift printing supplier.

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To achieve dye-sublimation printed products, the essential equipment that you must have is a heat press machine. There are quite a few types of heat press machines out there in the market. Dye-sublimation printing technique can be applied on all types of heat presses including flat heat press, mug heat press, cap heat press and many more. Of course there are supporting materials that you have to use with the heat press machine to accomplish that. Some of the supporting materials that you will need are sublimation paper, special inks, inkjet printer and many more.

View the complete list of dye-sublimation printing equipment and materials here.

Moving on with the dye-sublimation technique, it also requires a special ink that helps you to accomplish the vibrancy in the colour of your prints. It is called sublimation ink and can usually be found in six different colours namely cyan, magenta, yellow black, light cyan and light magenta.

In the picture below are some of the products that you can create by using a heat press machine and the dye-sublimation printing technique.

As you can see, there are ample of products that can be produced by using a heat press machine and the dye-sublimation printing technique. For you who are interested in beginning a home based business, it is a perfect way to start since this type of business does not require an big budget or working space. For you who are looking of a way to expand your business, what are you waiting for? Invest now and obtain more bucks now!

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Heat Press, the Machine with Many Uses

One of the greatest benefits of a heat press machine is that it is very versatile and has multiple printing purposes. The heat press machine can print a variety of product from ceramic plates, to key-chains, to T-Shirts and many more that you may never have thought of.

The reason why the heat press machine can print a variety of products is because three different techniques can be applied while using the heat press machine. They are namely sublimation printing, heat transfer printing and vinyl printing. These techniques are very different if compared closely to one another. However, they have one thing in common which all of the three techniques uses heat as a medium to transfer colour on to garments.

What differentiate between the three techniques though are the supporting materials that you need together with your heat press. For sublimation printing and heat transfer printing, the paper and inks used are strictly specific. Sublimation inks are used for sublimation printing and pigment inks are used for heat transfer printing. Inkjet printers especially will help boost the in intensity of the inks. For vinyl printing, special vinyl films are used to be printed on to the garments. Vinyl films can be found in variety of colours and types, for example Glitter, Glow-in-the-dark, Flock, etc.

Below are some of the outcome products that can be produced with a heat press machine.

Example of a T-Shirt that has been heat pressed with vinyl films.

Sport flasks can be heat pressed using the mug heat press.

Ceramic plates that has been heat presses using sublimation printing technique.

You can now have customised glass clocks and door hangers with the help of a heat press machine.


Choosing the Right Heat Press Machine

If you’re involved in gift printing business using heat printing technologies.  You should know that heat press machines play an important role in your business. Due to this reason, we always have our clients advised to know and do some research on the type of heat press machines that they require for their business.  In this article, we will share factors you need to consider to purchase a heat press machine.

There are four factors you need to consider when choosing a heat press machine.  The following factors include: types, sizes, timers, and attachments.


→ Types of Heat Presses

There are two main types of heat press machine were available in the market, which is swing-away and clam.

  1. Swing-Away: Top platen with swing-away type of heat press lifts straight up and it also swings to the right.  Most of top platens for swing-away presses can rotate up to 100°.
  2. Clam: Standard clamshell heat press machine has a top platen.  The top platen lifts straight up. The top platen of a clam draw press lifts straight up and the user can then slide the bottom platen out towards the user. If your office has minimum space, we do not recommend for you to choose this type.

→ Size

Always remember the size of machine must be equal to the quantity of your productions. It shouldn’t be too small or too big. If your heat press is too small, your designs may be limited. Whereas if your heat press is too big, it may increase your electricity bill and be a waste.

Size: 38cm x 38cm

Size: 38cm x 38cm

Size: 50cm x 40cm

Size: 50cm x 40cm

→ Analog vs. Digital Timer

Another important factor you need to consider when choosing a heat press machine is if the timer is either analog or digital. Nowadays, most heat press machined use digital timers as it is more accurate and user friendly.

→ Attachments

Not all heat press machines come with a complete set.  Some of the machines required you to add an attachment that can be used to process certain product.  For an instant, the size of attachment used for the shirt and Keychain is different.  It is important for you to choose the correct size attachment for product that you want to produce.

An Introduction to HEATranz

In this first blog post it is necessary that we should explain to you about this website and what we can offer to you. As the name speaks, is a website which focuses on educating readers on ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) business concept, Heat Press Machines and the various techniques of printing using Heat Transfer Printing methods.

If you are new to DIY business concept, allow us to explain it in brief. The name of the concept is rather new but the practice has been around for a very long time. Basically what it is, is a business where you as the owner acts also as the producer of your products. You are not required to become a middle man because all the products that you sell are actually the one that you produce yourself. As an example, a customer orders a personalised picture mug in celebration of his/her anniversary. After receiving the order, you then print the requested designs onto the mug and there you have it, that is what we call the ‘do-it-yourself’ business concept.

DIY Business Concept

Did you know that there are so many different types of heat press machines intended for different uses? That’s right, there are heat press machines to print mugsT-Shirts, and also heat press machines that have multiple uses in just one machine. In this website, we educate you on some of the most popular heat press machines so that you can also learn about the different types of machines and know the best one for your business.

Heat Press Machines

In we offer you three heat transfer printing techniques in particular. They are namely sublimation printingtransfer printing and vinyl printing. Using just one heat press machine you can generate products using these three methods. A heat press machine for your DIY business is such a great invest because it has not limited uses.


As you read through the articles in this website we will assure you that after reading, you may actually consider getting yourself a heat press machine in order to make your DIY concept business more effective. Do not worry, we provide you with the best tips and advice!

Good luck :D